Jared Wittus : The King of Cars


The life of luxury isn’t easy to come by. When a little boy named Jared Wittus came from Vero Beach to Miami at the tender age of 6 years old, he had no idea what life held for him. Jared grew up learning the best work ethic from his family. Mr. Wittus explained to me that like most, he looked at America as “The Land of Opportunity.” No longer was he required to remain in the class he was born into, now he had the opportunity to be as great as he wanted to be. Mr. Wittus didn’t go about his success via his academics; in fact, he didn’t finish high school. After being expelled for shoving his teacher, 16 year old Jared convinced one of his friends to invest in a business with him and he promised that no matter what happens he will make sure not only are they successful but the business will be successful.

By age 17, Mr. Wittus felt it was time to go into business for himself. He bought his first Mercedes Benz S550 (black on black), and within two years he had 13 cars–mostly consisting of Mercedes Benz’s, BMW’s, town cars and limousines. In 2005, he bought his first luxury car–a Ferrari 458 Italia.  He founded the company Xotic Empire. Xotic Empire allowed Mr. Wittus to incorporate every imaginable luxury service. From there he continued to add to his fleet until he had up to 36 cars. Some were being rented, and some manned by a professional chauffeur. Jared began running shoulders with New York City’s most elite. Wall Street executives were his biggest clients, followed by the music industry’s biggest names: 50 cent, Nas, Aretha Franklin, and many more. Money and women flowed like water. Jared partied until the sun came up and then tended to his business until the sun went down.   And one day, things came to a halt!

50 Cent using Xotic Empire Maybach

When his friend DJ Green Lantern went to Atlanta with Sirius Radio, Mr. Wittus began to travel to Atlanta more. He grew a network of contacts there as well. “It’s all about your connections.” Mr. Wittus loved Atlanta. When I asked him why Atlanta? He spoke about the energy of the city, and love from the people. “Atlanta is real cool. I see a lot of potential there.” For Mr. Wittus to be such a great business figure, he is very charming, humble and personable. At the same time he has an arrogance about himself. Who else would get tattooed in the back of his expensive Maybach? He takes more pictures than any person I know. And has more Twitter and Instagram followers than some celebrity figures. Mr. Wittus is a celebrity of sorts, considering who he does business deals with. From 50 Cent, to Nas, to Sean Paul– Jared Wittus Life is making deals. From Leonardo Di Caprio, Russell Crowe, and Aretha Franklin–Xotic Empire is making deals. “I’m appreciative,” he says humbly. The dilemma I find is the spiritual fabric that conflicts with the worldly materialism. Nevertheless, Mr. Wittus knows how to run a business. He understands the importance of Marketing, Cross-Branding, and Corporate Sponsorship. And if he had time, he could have a career in graphic design as well. He’s showed me a thing or two. Nevertheless, Mr. Wittus wants to have his profile as diverse as possible: luxury car rentals, music, industrial products, and more.

He has already turned the luxury car business into a Luxury Service Business. Pursuing various business ventures has helped him make connections, allowing Jared to make the luxury car business so trendy, luxurious, glamorous, seductive, and provocative! Then, there’s his personality! Anyone who knows Jared knows he is very humble, but lively! He is professional, and takes his business very seriously. He is a top entrepreneur in my book, because he has found the balance between is personal and professional life. That balance is important to remain successful in life.


Jared Wittus | The Man, The Myth, The Legend